Sacraments and Marian Devotion

Don Bosco had a dream in which he understood that the two columns between which the Church can navigate safely and protected from the attacks of Her enemies are the Virgin Mary and the Most Holy Eucharist.
“Only two means remain to be saved in the midst of so much confusion: devotion to Mary Most Holy and frequency of the Sacraments (frequent Holy Communion), using all the resources to practice them ourselves and to make others practice them always and at all times” (Saint John Bosco).

Spiritual Exercises

The Spiritual Exercises consist in spending a few days of retreat in silence, in which you are offered the opportunity to meditate on different points of reflection to order your life, following with the utmost fidelity the book of the Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola. They are a great help to “dispose the soul to take away all the disordered affections and, after having taken them away, to seek and find God’s will in the disposition of one’s life, for the salvation of one’s soul”. For this reason we propose to each member of Voces Verbi to make the annual Spiritual Exercises.


As a sign of our belonging to the Church-Militant that marches to the Eternal Homeland, we go on pilgrimage to pray in those places where God’s presence in the world became more evident and beneficial to men.